One of our goals here at Fazenda Tomati is to reforest various parts of our farm.

Drawing on the ideas of Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture and Syntropic Agriculture we aim to mimic the structure of a Mediterranean forest.

Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.51.09
Our main vinyard after the first years restoration works – moving from a grid to a contour formation

Before embarking on a productive system we must plant many pioneer species whose evolutionary goal is to colonise degraded landscapes and rapidly build a temporary forest structure which fixes its own nitrogen and creates its own soil.

Pioneer species we have used include the various Lupins, Acacia, Clover, Honey Locust amongst others. We have also seen a lot of success with cork/holm oak, pine, olive and hawthorn.

With the protection and ecosystem services the pioneers provide we hope to create an environment fit for more demanding fruit and nut species including cherry, chestnut, citrus, stone pine, peach and more.