Sustainable Building

dsc_166156051763.jpgAt Fazenda Tomati we are passionate about sustainable building and technology. If you would like information on Matis project: Bioconstruction with kids, see her page here

I believe that sustainable building is an incredibly important tool that should be shared and taught in order to keep techniques alive. Using clay, from our own land, we can create our walls, floors, and with adobe domes you can even create a roof over your head, all with a material which can be reused indefinitely.

I have been actively practicing, learning and teaching sustainable building since 2014, and have participated in builds around the world. I gained much of my experience leading projects at Eco Caminhos in Brazil. During my time there I was being trained to become a manager for upcoming commercial projects which the enterprise had been asked to fulfil. I left though in 2017 to pursue my dream of creating my own farm and building structures that I would benefit from for the rest of my life.

I now live here in Juncal do Campo, Portugal and we are well on our way to completing our two-storey barn conversion using adobe and wood. We have taken the opportunity to experiment with various techniques inside our own home as a display of what is possible using adobe and wood. We have made wattle and daub walls, used adobe bricks to make a fireplace and used fired clay blocks rendered in cob to make various structures around our farm.

We are now ready to start receiving visitors to share the knowledge we have accrued over these last few years.